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Action against the 4th Biotech Conference in Athens, 2-3 February 2008

Bil‘in – Palestine

On Tuesday (1.1.08) evening we got a call from Bil‘in, alerting us that settlers were putting up caravans on the village’s lands. By the time we (two cars from Tel Aviv) got there – Muhamad and Abdallah have been beaten and taken by hospital, while Imaad got most of this on tape until some settlers broke his camera (however – he managed to get the tape, which we later made a copy of. It’s amazing).
We met Muhamad and Abdallah at Ni‘alin checkpoint, where they were waiting in the Israeli ambulance for a Palestinian one to take them to Ramallah. Abdallah seemed OK, and later at night returned to Bil‘in, but Muhamad’s face was covered with blood, and he wasn‘t able to talk. He’s still in the hospital in Ramalla, and it is said he‘ll be OK soon.

We went to the settelment. Two caravans have been placed just outside the settlement fence, and are supposed to become a new synagouge. We found out the people who put them there were not (as he had thought in advance) the more facist settlers, but rather local Haredim. Local police interviewed some of them, but didn‘t arrest anyone, saying that if the people from Bil‘in would want to press charges – they‘ll look into it. The police also promised the caravans will be gone tomorrow.
We had a bit of a shout-out with some of the settlers, and a car belonging to Hagit from Yesh-Din (who also came) had two of its tires cut. While waiting for the Grar we talk to many settlers, and saw some who were facist racist pigs, and some who told us they had no idea about what this place was when they came, and asked us to help them fight to get their money back so they could leave.
What is underreported about the incident that took place in Bil‘in Wensday evening is the nonviolent tactics used by Abdullah Abu Rahme and Mohammed Khatib from the popular committee.

First they got under the carvan that was being lowered by the crane and told the settlers that they would have to lower it over their bodies. Some settlers were telling the driver to do so. The settlers attacked them that and then went for imad when they realised they were being filmed after beating imad and breaking his camera and threatening to shoot him, he escaped and managed to save the tape that you can see below. The settlers then proceeded to beat Abdullah and Mohammad from under the caravan, a process that took a long time as whenever they focused on one the other would stay under the caravan.

All the time villagers were attempting to come in their support but were forbidden to do so by the soldiers at the gate in the wall.

After they were beaten from underneath it and the driver put it down (committing an offense under Israeli law) Abdullah and Mohammed who were laying bleeding on the ground crawled under the wheels of the crane to stop it from leaving the area!* The settlers then stoned them and threw dirt at them to get them out the police arrived, two hours after they were notified by the villagers of the caravan’s being placed (when the villagers placed a caravan on their own land they were there within 15 minutes.) But instead of arresting the driver they let him leave the area. They also refused to arrest the attackers or to allow the wounded Palestinians to get treatment at an Israeli hospital forcing them to wait wounded 45 minutes at the checkpoint until a Palestinian ambulance arrived.

The cravans were removed early this morning no doubt thanks to the attention generated by their nonviolent actions.

via Anarchists against the Wall

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Tom Tancredo is a member of the Republican Party, member of the House of Representatives and runs for President. There is a petition to take the clip off the air.

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