No One is Illegal Vancouver on Palestine


No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots immigrant and refugee rights
collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized
backgrounds. We struggle for a world in which no one is forced to migrate
against their will, and where people can move freely in order to live and
flourish in justice and dignity.

As an anti-colonial collective, we recognize the Palestinian struggle for
justice and the liberation of historic Palestine as being central to our
work and principles. We oppose the settler policies of Israel, which have
and continue to be supported by the Canadian state, and stand against the
continued displacement of Palestinians and the confiscation of their land
and homes since 1948. We call for an immediate end to the Israeli
occupation of all Palestinian territories and the system of apartheid that
characterizes life in Palestine; the recognition of the right of return
for all Palestinian refugees; and full political, social and economic
equality for all people in historic Palestine.

Specifically, we uphold the following:

As individuals and communities on occupied indigenous territory, we affirm
our solidarity with the struggles of indigenous people for
self-determination and sovereignty across Turtle Island. In opposing the
racist and colonial ideology of the State of Israel, we similarly oppose
the violent colonization upon which Canada was founded and the continued
dispossession of the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. We recognize
that a diversity of people, including racialized migrants and other
oppressed people, reside on occupied lands. As such, we acknowledge the
different ways in which we benefit from- while many of us are being
marginalized by- the processes of racist colonization.

We affirm the fundamental and inalienable right of all Palestinian
refugees to return to the original towns, villages, and lands of 1948 and
1967 occupied Palestine from which they were expelled. We believe that the
right of return of Palestinian refugees is central to the global movement
against dispossession and displacement, of which No One is Illegal is a
part. We further affirm the right of Palestinian refugees to migrate
beyond the Occupied Territories/ surrounding refugee camps in order to
live with dignity and respect. The right to remain, the right to migrate,
and the right to return are all essential elements to the human assertion
of self-determination.

We oppose the Zionist-Eurocentric foundation of the State of Israel that
claims a racist, exclusionary, and privileged Jewish identity and
discriminates citizenship and land title rights on the basis of race.
Instead, we support the creation of a free, independent, anti-oppressive,
and democratic society within historic Palestine. This includes the right
to return of Palestinian refugees and global freedom of movement into
Palestine for those who desire it. We believe that the right to mobility,
which is primarily the reality for millions of poor and racialized
migrants who are indigenous to the global South, is distinct from
capitalist settler-colonialism that destroys or assimilates existing
societies and justifies theft of land and resources for the benefit of a
privileged group.

Given the Israeli government and its imperialist allies‘ monopoly over
state violence, we believe it is necessary to support the right to
Palestinian armed resistance, which has even been affirmed by the
imperialist international legal regime. We reject the false dichotomy of
violent and non-violent resistance, a Eurocentric construct that serves to
divide, simplify, and decontextualize diverse movements. While we believe
that all social movements have the right to debate tactics, we take
leadership from those engaged in their own struggle.

Within Vancouver, we will continue to actively work in solidarity with
others to oppose and expose all forms of political and diplomatic support
provided by the Canadian government to the State of Israel; continue to
fight the deportation of Palestinian refugees by the Canadian government
despite its direct complicity in the continued displacement of the
Palestinian people; and support local initiatives for a Boycott,
Divestment and Sanctions campaign in response to an appeal issued by over
170 grassroots organizations in Palestine calling for international