Radost obrata ¾ – Joy of revolt ¾


Radost obrata ¾ – Joy of revolt ¾ – 3-4 March 2008, Maribor, Slovenia

On 03 and 04 of March 2008, a multi-vitamin festival of free exchange, called “Radost obrata 3/4” (Joy of revolt 3/4), will be held in Maribor. The festival will host numerous active individuals and groups from different parts of Europe, who are all, each in their own way, fighting bio-political and eco-social catastrophes, brought on by the neoliberal and nationalist ideologies.

Nationalism, mixed with religious poison and neoliberal excuses about social progress, is an implicit threat for the life of every critical, open-minded and advanced individual. Everyday experiences of the 21 Century reality show us that old world views are outdated and obsolete. Those who hold the power are no longer capable of solving today’s problems, so they (and their disciples) rely more and more on false pretences, lies, deceits, wars, media manipulation, crisis, blame-shifting and looking for scapegoats, as tactics of problem-solving.

Our festival wishes to bring together as many views as possible; different experiences will serve as a tool for the struggle against the system reproducing inequality, slavery, dependency, sexism, racism, war, intolerance… We believe this exchange with similar organizations will open new possibilities and opportunities for our fight for equality on a local level. And we firmly believe that a marginalized and excluded minority can become a majority fighting for the cause.

Every turn of wheels in this process gives new impetus; every new impetus is new joy. Some are seeking for mechanisms to set these wheels in motion in the academic and theoretical field, others in building a community, street actions, digital networking… The common denominators here are selflessness, solidarity, exchange, creativity of revolting, direct actions, DIY… Our fight is the personification of a wild cat, queer creative power, and of chlorophyl. We are pink, black & green generation.

A lot of subjects interest us, but at the same time we are aware of the pressing time-frame of the event. Two days aren’t a lot when it comes to such a vast subject matter, so we set up the following agenda for the festival:

– Digital tools (new ways of networking and information exchange, and its use for connecting our communities/groups)

– Decentralized Balkan network (possibilities for further development of our connecting in the Balkans, as well as further)

– Zeroeth transnational (the idea of an ideological-symbolical platform of 21. Century movements)

– Migrations (experiences from struggles against Centres for foreigners and the migration system that treats migrants as a ‘security threat’)

– Militarism (dismantling of NATO and its bases, Europe’s exodus from militaristic colonialist pacts)

– Energy (beyond criticising EU’s destructive climate and energy package, our talks will revolve around possibilities of energy renewal, and it’s potential as a fertile base for social mobilization and creativity)

– Precarity (struggles against precarity, the system of chronic social instability, and inequality)

– New secularism (beyond sovereignty of national states; if it’s achieved by capital, how can it be achieved by people, too?)

– Topics and invitation to the next PGA european conference in Greece (august 2008)

These are only some of the subjects we would like to include in our debates; the agenda is not set in stone, and can be expanded if necessary, since we would like to see as many people as possible participating in discussions. Our aim is to bring together different experiences, exchange ideas, and open up new aspects of our common cause. We want Maribor to become a meeting-ground of heretic, critical, open-minded and progressive thought.

For practical reasons, the debates will be held in English, and will be followed by informal social activities (i.e. partying till early morning!).

If you plan to participate and need a place to sleep, please contact us in advance (at radostobrata@gmail.com).

The official start of the festival will be on Monday, 03. 03. 2008, at 17:00 in Gustaf hall in Pekarna, Ob železnici 8, Maribor

These are web pages of collectives involved in meeting preparation: