Fascism is Fun

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  1. 1 James Finnegan Wakeham 07. Januar 2008 um 2:06 Uhr

    Hey, I cant get this video to work.
    I hope you are not turning into a facist out there.
    You know what happens to facists dont you.
    They get sent to the salt mines and never return. The worlds dinner tables are covered in salt, it is mined by the poor unfortunates who chose facism as a way. they are chained together &forced to march in the way they love to(shiny jackboots thumping in rythmn) and sent to live underground to create the powdery white stuff which lives up to their racist ideologies. Many of them will spend their twilight years after being innougerated in their thirties into slave labour. They will force each other to like it too. In varying degrees of heirachical order which they will make for each other. Thats not fun.
    They will never get the chance to beach bum around andalucia where its hot even in winter, and never visit morrocco for a cool weed toking time. But live enshadowed under tons of rock mining Salt. Where they never have fun or even see their familys. Let that be a warning to you all.

  2. 2 radicalize 07. Januar 2008 um 3:31 Uhr

    hey there,
    you need a dvx-player for playing it, i guess most internet places don‘t have that. here is a more accessible link.

    take care of the sunny places.

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