Massive Student Walk-Out in the Netherlands

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  1. 1 James Finnegan Wakeham 07. Januar 2008 um 2:40 Uhr

    Typical of Dutch repression. The Dutch government is covering up a lot of shit. Did you know they are pioneers of behavioral control prisons? Brain washing centres. Of course you didnt they are keeping it covered up from the general public.
    In 2002 one of their politicians was shot whilst speaking out on immigrant issues. In 2003, I was less than delighted to be introduced to their solution to the immigrant question. Human test subjects. After decades of research involving both human and animal experiments into subliminal direction for society or the individual, they have opened up privatised prisons under corperate financing in which any person captured and scheduled for deportation can be REPROGRAMMED into the bland herd citizen the nationalist authorities can approve of.
    The jail „penitentierie Inrichting“ in Tillburg is a pioneer of its kind. With disturbing implications for the future. If citizens whose only crime is not to be awarded at present with an ID card awarding them valid citizenship for this country can be rounded up and more than imprisoned but actually brainwashed, then who is next? Subversives, intellectuals from all walks of life, indeed anyone who opposes the state, could face this threat in the near future.
    The nature of the control is too long winded to go in to, but involves isolation, corperate media, subliminal injections into the subconscious mind and a basic re-imprinting of the survival and symbolistic circuits of the mind(see the research of Dr; Timothy Leary four circuit eight circuit theory) this is how they have learned to reprogram the human mind within institutions at the beginning of the twenty first century.
    A fact which they do not release to the public.
    (they? probably the Dutch government in cahoots with the Bavarian illuminati who control the patriachal structure of USA.).

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