Eviction day (?) for Køpi set on May 31, 2008

[questions]: now someone told me, that the 31st wasn‘t actually going to be the eviction day, but only the day the last contracts run out and that there could be quite some time spent afterwards on courtcases… i guess there‘ll be clarification soon.

[update]: There will be a meeting at Køpi on Thursday, November 27th at 18h.

After the Køpi Cultural Center and Squat and the belonging Wagenplatz have been sold in May, the new owner cancelled contracts, annouced the demolition and now also a date for eviction. May 31, 2008 is supposed to be the formal ending of the 17 year old and dearly loved project. An indymedia-article of these days calls for sophisticated protest transgressing riots (a beautiful but lost case considering a military machine to be the adversary) and legal measures (as it is a political project, that is enforced politically). The international scope of the project against everything that has a scent of genuine autonomy should be added. For a European perspective, be reminded of the decentralized action days for autonomous spaces and squats in April 2008. The preparation meeting is the last weekend of November in Dijon.
For Køpi, I guess we will see. So far there is not as much as a notice on the website.

Someone visiting Berlin from rather far away said to me recenty: „Berlin is dead“ and I might quote a friend: „I saw Born/Dead play the other night at this giant squat called Köpi and some dude tried his best to stage dive and because people in Germany don‘t dance at shows he ended up face planting. Thankfully he was totally trashed and probably didn‘t feel a thing until the next morning, at least. Shows here aren‘t as good as shows in Philly. Inepsy is playing soon. Forca Macabra played the other night. There’s no lack of shows here, it’s really just that shit isn‘t as fun.“