Video-documentation of the „Foucault Tribunal“

The Verdict of the Foucault Tribunal

We conclude that, being unwilling to renounce the use of force, violence and coercion, psychiatry is guilty of crimes against humanity: the deliberate destruction of dignity, liberty and life. Most of all through the legal category of „mental patient“ which permits a total deprivation of human and civil rights and the laws of natural justice.
Furthermore, psychiatry cannot pretend to the art of healing, having violated the Hippocratic Oath through a conscious use of harmful drugs, which caused in particular the world wide epidemic of tardive dyskinesia, as well as other interventions which we recognize as tortures: involuntary confinement, forced drugging, four point restraints, electroshock, all forms of psychosurgery and outpatient commitment.
These practices and ideology allowed the psychiatrists during the Nazi era to go to the extreme of systematic mass murder of inmates under the pretext of „treatment“.
Psychiatry not only refuses to renounce the force it has historically obtained from the state, it even takes on the role of a highly paid and respected agent of social control and international police force over behavior and the repression of political and social dissent.
We find psychiatry guilty of the combination of force and unaccountability, a classic definition of totalitarian systems. We demand the abolition of the „mental patients“ laws as a first step toward making psychiatry accountable to society. To this end, compensation will have to be made for the harms it has done. Public funds must also be made available for humane and dignified alternatives to Psychiatry.

5 anarchists are beaten and arrested in Bologne, Italy

On Saturday October 13, at around 4am, a girl who is sleeping in piazza Verdi is noticed by police on patrol. The latter decide that the girl’s behaviour is ‚abnormal‘ and must be corrected by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They call the ambulance while keeping the girl under their custody against her will. Five comrades of the anarchist place ‚Fuoriluogo‘ witness the episode and cannot help expressing their contempt at the police. They do their best to prevent the arrest of the girl. The police’s answer is brutal: armed with truncheons and even guns they chase the comrades. As the latter flee, six more police vans are called on the scene and the short escape ends in piazza San Vitale. The 5 are handcuffed while being severely beaten by the cops. A few residents in the area are clearly indignant at the police’s behaviour but do not intervene.

The accusations against the comrades are quite heavy: aggravated robbery (the cops have lost a pair of handcuffs), resistance and damage (of a police van in which one of the comrades had been taken). The 5 are immediately imprisoned in La Dozza prison. Two girls are eventually put under house arrest.

We know even too well what the ‚crime‘ of the 5 is, that of having chosen to oppose with courage a legal world of violence in which resignation live along with repression and exploitation. Struggle and action against the oppressor are the only way not to be accomplices of the silence imposed by this murderous society.


That very night and the following morning the police search the houses of other comrades in Bologna with the pretext that they are searching for the disappeared handcuffs.

In the evening a spontaneous march in solidarity to the arrested anarchists is carried out. Some of the demonstrators decide to express their solidarity also through ‚dangerous‘ writings on the walls of the town. Caught by Digos officers, they are arrested and tried summarily: Juan and Bogu are sentenced to 10 months and taken to prison whereas Davide, Alessio and Belle are sentenced to 4 months and put under house arrest. A 17 year-old comrade from Rovereto is also accused.

Contact (up-dated):

Cristian Facchinetti, Federico Razzoli, Andrea Tessarin (arrested on Saturday 13), Miroslav Bogu (arrested on Sunday 14): Casa Circondariale La Dozza, Via Del Gomito 2, 40127 Bologna, Italy
Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez (arrested on Sunday 14): Casa Circondariale di Ferrara, Via Argione 37, 44100 Ferrara, Italy


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    Gegen jegliche psychiatrische Zwangsbehandlungen!!!

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