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Documentary on Mumia Abu-Jamal

Voces contra la Globalizacion

Edward Said on Palestine at Berkeley in 2003

BA Squat in Tel Aviv to be evicted

Concert in the BA Squat on Wednesday, 31. October:

After a first eviction notice for October 23rd, the eviction was postponed to any date between October 31st and November 22nd.

The three years old squat is located in Florentin, a lower class neighborhood in south Tel Aviv that is going through a process of gentrification for many years. The building in Ben-Atar st. is owned by the religious municipality and was used as a Mikveh (a religious bath). For the last 12 years the building was not used by it’s legal owners and was kept empty for many years.

Around 3 years ago, a group of young Anarchists and Punks, many of them homeless, decided to move into the building, live in it and start a social center for the activists scene and the neighborhood.

During the three years of existence the squat hosted many events, film screening, shows, exhibitions, partys and many more. It also was a center for many political groups, artists musicians, and a place for people who were looking for a warm place to stay in.

It also became a home for the small but very active anarchist community in Israel, for the Anarchists Against the Wall group, for the animal rights activists, for ecological feminists and radical queers.

After a long legal process that was made by at list some of the owners, the court decided to evict the squatters. it is not yet clear what are the owners planning to do with the house.


Helsinki Call for Solidarity

Helsinki squat threatened with eviction

After seven years of actions and a summer of non-stop squatting the radical movement in Helsinki managed for the first time to secure a social centre of it’s own in August 2007. The old
restaurant building that became our home has been perfect for hosting revolution – with peoples kitchens, gigs, discussions, knitting, movies and other activities taking place everyday. The owner of the building, a private insurance company called Etera (, has agreed on renting the house to the City of Helsinki who in turn would hand it over to the squatters. While some people within the administration of the city give us support the more bureaucratic middle aged men at the health and construction agencies have come up with regulations that are totally self serving, have no contact to reality and are a purely political assault against us. These regulations have been enough to scare of the people that support us and the Youth Department has backed of from the project. If we don‘t convince the owners of the house that touching us is a very bad idea then eviction will only be a matter of time. Another possible solution would be for the city to find us another house. But as we‘ve seen the double crossings of politicians over and over again we refuse to leave this house until we have another house to move into. We have all ready during this summer witnessed the police showing up in the hundreds to evict us without hesitations to use brute force. No matter how the city chooses to solve this problem they need to realise eviction is not the solution.

We appeal to all of our friends across Europe to act in our support against the shit head politics that are being pushed through by the officials of the City of Helsinki. Find an embassy of Finland close to you, arrange a Thursday demo, send us solidarity, do what ever you please but now is the moment we need your support.

The struggles for free spaces continue in all spaces!

With love and respect
Helsinki squatters
Social centre Elimäenkatu 15

Kampagne gegen Europäischen Polizeikongress

Am 29. und 30. Januar 2008 soll im Congress Center am Berliner Alexanderplatz der “11. Europäische Polizeikongreß” stattfinden. Veranstaltet von der “Behörden Spiegel-Gruppe”, finanziert von EADS und SAP treffen sich Nachrichtendienste, Polizeiführer, Politiker und Sicherheitsindustrie unter dem Motto “Europäische Sicherheitsarchitekturen: Informationstechnologie – Ermittlung – Einsatz”. Die Industrie bewirbt den Kongreß als Messe. Politiker referieren über “neue Bedrohungslagen” und stellen neue Konzepte zur “Risikokontrolle” vor: “Zivil-militärische Zusammenarbeit”, “Border Control”, den Aufbau der “Europäische Gendarmerietruppe” in Vicenza, “Crowd Control” bei Gipfelprotesten etc.

Sogenannte “VIPs” des Kongresses: Justizministerin Brigitte Zypries; Tom Shirk, President SAP; Landesinnenminister Günther Beckstein; Max Peter Ratzel, Exekutivdirektor Europol; BKA-Präsident Jörg Ziercke; Ilkka Laitinen, Exekutivdirektor der “Grenzagentur” FRONTEX.

Das “Hauptprogramm” besteht aus “internationaler Prominenz aus den Führungsebenen”, dazu eine begleitende Ausstellung “der führenden Hersteller von Systemlösungen”. Am 29. Januar referiert Schäuble auf dem “Forum der europäischen Innenminister” zum Grenzregime Schengen.


On Chechnya


Updated Information:

Online Documentaries

Politics and beyond: Chechnya, the coldest war:

Chechnya – the dirty war:

Bulgarian Anarchist Zine „Katarzis“

Volume 6 in English

Previous Volumes in Bulgarian

No Boarders Camp in November at the US/México-Border

No Borders Camps are action camps and temporary autonomous zones meant to challenge neo-liberal capitalism, border militarization, and migration controls. The first No Border Camp took place in Europe in the late 1990s, and there have been many No Borders Camps since in Europe, Oceania and elsewhere. In 2007 there were No Border Camps in Ukraine in August and in the UK in September. There is a No Borders Camp planned for the 5th – 11th of November in Calexico, California and Mexicali, Mexico. This will be the first No Borders Camp in North America, and the first one to take place simultaneoulsy on both sides of an international border. […]

More Information on the Weblog (Spanish) and the Camp-Homepage (English and Spanish).

Aus dem Film „Young, Jewish and Left“


Focus on Queer/Gender:

Focus on Antisemitism:

Homepage of the Film

Anarchist Journal

Illustration by Mac McGill

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London: Quarterly Anarchist Journal of Theory and Action from the British Capital After the Empire

Download: Issue Two, October 2007: Urban Revolts and Struggles Across the World

* Public Disclaimer
* Copenhagen – Klara Jaya Brekke
* Many Manifestoes, One Movement – Ane Havskov Kirk
* Toward A Global Peoples‘ Uprising – Georgy Katsiaficas
* From a Supper of Ashes to Embers of Satin – Les Amis de Nemesis
* The University of Abahlali baseMjondolo – Richard Pithouse
* Urbanisation of Panic – Bryan Finoki
* {I Want} Urban Unrest – Luther Dimissett

* An Occupied London G8-special including:
* Adventures in Camping @the G8 – Edd Last Hours
* „Sooner or Later, You Will All Be in Trouble“ – Balkan Anarchists of Northern Europe
* Black Block – United Colours of Resistance
* Plan B has started already: Join the battle of joy – International Brigades
* For A Summit Against Everything – Comrades from Everywhere
* Outro-duction

Download: Issue One, March 2007

Steal this film

Description on the project-website:

„The first part of STEAL THIS FILM focused mostly on The Pirate Bay, the Piratbyrån and the events around and after the raid that happened at TPB in autumn 2006. Actually, we took a lot more material than this, and asked (for example) a lot of questions about the future of creativity, about how media control works (e.g., how it manages to convince us about the need for constant War, or at least placate us while it’s happening) and about whether, and how, the types of organisation we‘re now working on together can serve us better.“

Download the film:

The Free Voice of Labor – Jewish Anarchists

Gathering of the indigenous people of the Americas in Vícam, México, 11-14th October, 2007


Considering that 515 years after the first invasion of our ancestral territories, the war of conquest, the plunder, and capitalist exploitation have not altered their course, but rather have become a new war of extermination, a war designed for the destruction and utter plunder of all the original peoples of the Americas;
Considering that the long history of wars of independence and numerous revolutions that have taken place on our continent have not yet changed the condition of colonized people, nor have they allowed for a full recognition of our rights in the nation states that formed in the last two centuries;
Considering that despite a long history of domination, our resistance has sustained itself and that our people continue to live and struggle, and that this struggle has been encouraged by the uprising of the Zapatista National Liberation Front (EZLN) in the first days of 1994;
Considering that the strategies of the national governments of the Americas have always sought the division of our people through the establishment of borders, reservations, and legislation designed to fragment us and to neutralize our efforts of autonomy;
Considering that the strengthening and the unity of the struggles of liberation of the indigenous people of the Americas will be possible as our peoples meet and come to know each other;
Considering that for our people it has proven necessary that their struggles be made known world wide in order to be supported by all honest movements that struggle for a society effectively just, free, and democratic;
All indigenous communities, tribes, and nations of the Americas are called to


Which will take place the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th days of October, 2007 in the community of Vícam, Yaqui Territory, Municipality of Guaymas, State of Sonora, Mexico, to address the following…

1 The war of capitalist conquest in the indigenous communities in the Americas.
2 The resistance of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and our defense of
mother earth, our territories, and our cultures.
3 Why do we, the indigenous peoples of the Americas, struggle?

1st Principal. Delegates, observers, and communications media workers attending the Gathering will abide by the regulations of the Yaqui Tribe devised by their Traditional Authorities in order to govern their presence while in attendance.
2nd Principal. All participating indigenous communities, tribes, and nations are invited to demonstrate their clothing, songs, dances, and other traditional forms of expression.
3rd Principal. Authorities and Representatives of indigenous communities, tribes, and nations of the Americas are invited to participate as delegates with voice and vote.
4th Principal. Individuals and members of social movements and civil organizations in solidarity with the struggles of indigenous peoples of the Americas invited by the organizing commission will be able to participate as observers.
5th Principal. National and international communications media workers that are accredited by the organizing commission will be able to cover the event.
6th Principal. All agreements adopted at the Gathering will be made by consensus of the participants and not through the method of voting.
7th Principal. Organization of the Gathering, the national and international distribution of its publicity, as well as accreditation of participating delegates, invitees, and any unforeseen issues will be resolved only by the organizing commission in conformity with the Traditional Authorities of the Community of Vícam, Yaqui Tribe, The National Indigenous Congress (CNI), and the Sixth Commission of the Zapatista National Liberation Front.
Information: 1. Office of the Sixth Commission of the EZLN, located on Zapotecos St. No 7 Col.Obrera, C.P. 06800 Mexico, D.F. Telephone: (01 or 011) 55 67 61 42 36 Monday thru Friday, 10 AM – 8 PM., Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM.
webpage: e-mail:
2. Official Precinct Office of the Traditional Guard of the Yaqui Tribe, Vicam Station ,Colonia Yaqui, Municipio de Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Telephone: (045 or 001) 64 49 98 94 08.
3. Office of the Organization of Indigenous and Campesino Communities, de Tuxpan, Jalisco, in Nicolas Bravo, No. 65 , Tuxpan, Jalisco,. Telephone: (01 or 011) 371 41 764 15 from Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 8 PM. e-mail:
Written – April 22nd, 2007 in Tohono O’Odham Territory of the Tohono O’Odham Nation, Sonora, Mexico.

Wa-a itom yo Lutu-ria yoribetchibo, intoka a Wiutinepo Amani
(Por el respecto a nuestros usos y costumbres, nuestra identidad y
cultura y nuestra verdad que permanezcan en el tiempo y no se olviden)
Never Again, a Mexico Without Us ~ Liberty, Justice, and Democracy
Nde Cultural Historical Organization
(Organización Cultural e Histórica de la Nación Nde/Apache)
“Tierra y Libertad” / Chicana Indigenous Organization, Tucson, Arizona
(Tierra y Libertad / Organización Xicana Indígena, Tucson, Arizona
Native and Immigrant Indigenous Development Organization
(Desarrollo de Los Pueblos Indios Inmigrantes y Nativos, A.C.)
Michelle Cook (Dene Nation)
(Nacion Dene/Navajo)
Tohono O’Odham Nation Mexico – United States
(Nacion Tohono O’Odham México – Los Estados Unidos de America)
Traditonal Authorities of Vicam Community, Yaqui Tribe
(Autoridades Tradicionales del Pueblo Vícam, Tribu Yaqui)
National indigenous Congress (Congreso Nacional Indígena)
Clandestine Revolutionary Committee, General Command of
the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)
(Comité Clandestino Revolucionario Indígena-Comandancia General del
Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional)

Source of English translation:

Interview with Father Roy Bourgeois, Founder of the SOAW

School of the Amercias Watch (SOAW)