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Mumia verliert [unwichtig] vor Philadelphia Surpreme Court

Mumia verliert vor Philadelphia Surpreme Court, allerdings ist das NICHT die erwartete wichtige Entscheidung vor dem 3. Bundesberufungsgericht.

Am 25.2.08 fiel vor dem Surpreme Court in Philadelphia, USA eine Entscheidung, Mumia Abu-Jamals Antrag auf Berufung abzulehenen. Dieser Antrag wurde bereits vor vielen Jahren gestellt und hat nichts mit der aktuell erwarteten Entscheidung vor dem juristisch höher angesiedelten 3. Bundesberufungsgericht zu tun, über die in den letzten Monaten bereits viel berichtet wurde.

Eines vorweg: Die seit bereits 9 Monaten erwartete Entscheidung über Mumias weiteres Leben ist hier nicht gefallen. Diese Entscheidung liegt vor dem juristisch höheren 3. Bundesberufungsgericht.

Darüber berichteten zahlreiche Artikel seit Mai 2007, als in Philadelphia eine Anhörung darüber stattfand, ob Mumia ein neues Verfahren oder aber die Wiedereinsetzung der Todesstrafe erhält.

Aber es zeigt sich trotzdem, dass politische Prozesse nicht allein im Gerichtsaal sondern eben auch auf der Strasse gewonnen werden, so erste Reaktionen von deutschen Mumia-Unterstützer_innen.

Es gab 2007 und 2008 international zahlreiche Initiativen, Demos, Kundgebungen, Infoveranstaltungen etc. mit der Forderung nach Freiheit für Mumia Abu-Jamal und nach einem neuen Prozess.

Wir betonen, dass jetzt alle Energie darauf verwendet werden muss, Mumias Chancen durch öffentlichen Druck spürbar zu verbessern. Heute ist zwar nicht die wichtigste Entscheidung gefallen, aber es ist trotzdem ein “Testballon”. Sollte hier kein Widerspruch erfolgen,
schwinden Mumias Chancen auch auf der höheren und wichtigeren juristischen Ebene.

Deshalb heraus an die Demonstration am 5.4.08 14:30 Theaterplatz Luzern.


mehr Informationen zur Demonstration findet ihr hier:



Ware Lust Macht Arbeit

Ausgabe Nr. 13 / Winter 07/08:



Carambolage Callout for Global Office, PGA-inspired infopoint

Recognizing the need for an international space for activists in Berlin,
the Carambolage Collective is issuing a callout for people to join our
efforts in creating a dynamic meeting space and a People’s Global Action
(PGA) Infopoint. We invite anyone who is interested in helping to
realize this vision, on a conceptual as well as a task-oriented level.
We hope that activists will find out about what is going on and make
connections here, talk to each other and give feedback.

We are an informal group which also loosely bases its ideas on the PGA

• A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all
trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive
• We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination
including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious
fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human
• A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can
have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organizations, in
which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;
• A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social
movements‘ struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize
respect for life and oppressed peoples‘ rights, as well as the
construction of local alternatives to global capitalism;
• An organizational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.

These were also the cornerstones of the Dissent! International Network
mobilizations against the G8 in past years.

We intend our infopoint to function as a community space, where we can
make the decentralized PGA network more visible and maintain an open
forum for the involvement of independent groups. PGA has no members, all
collectives and individuals involved are autonomous. This creates a good
infrastructure for mutually supporting a variety of projects and

The Carambolage Collective started April 2007 with the creation of the
anti-G8 infopoint. We are seeking more activists to expand the
international support network to revive the anti-WEF movement as well.
We also need more help to organize informational events and to kick off
topic-related campaigns.

Some of our shorter term goals are to mobilize for anti-nuclear
campaigns, anti-G8 and anti-NATO actions in Romania 2-4 April 2008.

Furthermore, we plan to develop the Carambolage web site
( which provides information on where to obtain legal
advice for activists experiencing state repression. We also plan to
assist in mobilizing efforts against the next WEF in Switzerland,
support and endorse international protests and anti-capitalist
campaigns, and finally, to campaign for the right of assembly at
demonstrations in Germany. Additional ideas are to work on campaigns
around current topics and to set up an archive of international activist
materials in our office, available in different languages.

As already mentioned above, newcomers to the Carambolage collective
would have plenty of struggles to plug into. 11-12 April 2008 are the
decentralized Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces. This
year, there will also be climate and anti-racist camps to get involved
with. The next PGA conference is scheduled at the end of August in
Greece, as well as campaigns against the US military bases in the Czech
Republic and Poland.

We plan to have plenary meetings once a month so that everyone involved
or who wants to get involved can come and exchange ideas. We would like
to maintain not just an office, but create a clearing house of activist
information. We see the global office providing materials, launching
international solidarity campaigns with other anti-capitalist struggles
outside of Germany and Europe, as well as network locally in Berlin. At
times when global actions are scheduled to take place in Berlin, we want
to provide a local infrastructure for visiting activists. We would like
to provide a networking space for independent media activists,
squatters, radical workplace activists, and more.

If interested in becoming involved, please contact the Carambolage
collective at:

Glocal Office, New Yorck 59 / Bethanien
Plenum: am ersten Dienstag des Monats, 19:00 Uhr
Unsere Öffnungszeiten: Dienstags 19:00-21:00 Uhr GLOBALIZE RESISTANCE: SI NOS TOCAN A UN@ NOS TOCAN TOD@S!!



Dear comrades,

We are writing to introduce the Solidarity Without Borders Campaign, a coordinated, sustained, three-pronged campaign in solidarity with immigrant and indigenous struggles across North and Latin America.

Anti-authoritarian groups from across the Northeast and Midwest USA have come together to form the Solidarity Without Borders Group.

This working group came out of the recent Consulta of the Northeast Anarchist Network (NEAN) and Midwest Action Network (MAN). The proposal was initiated by the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement (BAAM) and NYC Local Union of the North East Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC), and has been joined by anarchists from over a dozen other towns and cities.

The campaign emerges in light of the escalating war on indigenous communities in Mexico and immigrant communities in the United States: In light of military and paramilitary aggression against the peoples of Oaxaca and Chiapas, in light of Plan Mexico and the Security & Prosperity Partnership, in light of recent attacks on immigrants here in the USA, and in light of the corporate invasion and displacement of their communities.

The campaign arose in response to calls to action from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), from the Council of the Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magon CIPO-RFM), and from New York City’s Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB). Please join us in Solidarity Without Borders, endorse this campaign, and begin to organize within your communities and alongside us.

For Solidarity Without Borders!

Our Call To Action:

We are calling for a coordinated, sustained, three pronged campaign by the anarchist movement in the United States to:

1. confront repression of our comrades, shut down Plan Mexico and SPP, and stop the invasion of rebel territory in Mexico

2. confront repression of immigrant communities in our own cities and regions

3. confront the corporations invading communities both here in the northeast and south of the border

* We recognize, with the Zapatistas, that these struggles are intertwined and none of these things can be won without the others *

Our Goals:

1. To take action at US government offices, Mexican consulates, and offices of related corporations across the region.

2. To support local and national actions in defense of immigrants, with the ultimate goal of shutting down all ICE detention centers and offices.

3. To support the International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio being launched by Movement for Justice in El Barrio.

4. To raise resources and supplies, if and when needed, for our comrades in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and El Barrio.

5. To send a delegation to Southern Mexico, in the event of invasion or escalating repression, to stand alongside our brothers and sisters.

Our Next Steps:

1. Local groups send delegates to the new Solidarity Without Borders Group.

2. Local groups make contact with local organizations in their area, join local coalitions and support their struggles.

3. Local groups support other organizations and actions with common goals in their communities.

4. Local groups visit government and corporate offices, delivering letters and ultimatums to those responsible.

5. Local groups plan and implement creative direct actions, beginning no later than May Day, sooner in the event of invasion or escalating repression.


For more information:

On the situation in Chiapas: (Spanish)
On the situation in Oaxaca:
On Plan Mexico:
On the Security & Prosperity Partnership:

On Movement for Justice in El Barrio:
On the border & the war on immigrants:
On immigrant solidarity groups in your area:

via via

No One is Illegal Vancouver on Palestine


No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots immigrant and refugee rights
collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized
backgrounds. We struggle for a world in which no one is forced to migrate
against their will, and where people can move freely in order to live and
flourish in justice and dignity.

As an anti-colonial collective, we recognize the Palestinian struggle for
justice and the liberation of historic Palestine as being central to our
work and principles. We oppose the settler policies of Israel, which have
and continue to be supported by the Canadian state, and stand against the
continued displacement of Palestinians and the confiscation of their land
and homes since 1948. We call for an immediate end to the Israeli
occupation of all Palestinian territories and the system of apartheid that
characterizes life in Palestine; the recognition of the right of return
for all Palestinian refugees; and full political, social and economic
equality for all people in historic Palestine.

Specifically, we uphold the following:

As individuals and communities on occupied indigenous territory, we affirm
our solidarity with the struggles of indigenous people for
self-determination and sovereignty across Turtle Island. In opposing the
racist and colonial ideology of the State of Israel, we similarly oppose
the violent colonization upon which Canada was founded and the continued
dispossession of the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. We recognize
that a diversity of people, including racialized migrants and other
oppressed people, reside on occupied lands. As such, we acknowledge the
different ways in which we benefit from- while many of us are being
marginalized by- the processes of racist colonization.

We affirm the fundamental and inalienable right of all Palestinian
refugees to return to the original towns, villages, and lands of 1948 and
1967 occupied Palestine from which they were expelled. We believe that the
right of return of Palestinian refugees is central to the global movement
against dispossession and displacement, of which No One is Illegal is a
part. We further affirm the right of Palestinian refugees to migrate
beyond the Occupied Territories/ surrounding refugee camps in order to
live with dignity and respect. The right to remain, the right to migrate,
and the right to return are all essential elements to the human assertion
of self-determination.

We oppose the Zionist-Eurocentric foundation of the State of Israel that
claims a racist, exclusionary, and privileged Jewish identity and
discriminates citizenship and land title rights on the basis of race.
Instead, we support the creation of a free, independent, anti-oppressive,
and democratic society within historic Palestine. This includes the right
to return of Palestinian refugees and global freedom of movement into
Palestine for those who desire it. We believe that the right to mobility,
which is primarily the reality for millions of poor and racialized
migrants who are indigenous to the global South, is distinct from
capitalist settler-colonialism that destroys or assimilates existing
societies and justifies theft of land and resources for the benefit of a
privileged group.

Given the Israeli government and its imperialist allies‘ monopoly over
state violence, we believe it is necessary to support the right to
Palestinian armed resistance, which has even been affirmed by the
imperialist international legal regime. We reject the false dichotomy of
violent and non-violent resistance, a Eurocentric construct that serves to
divide, simplify, and decontextualize diverse movements. While we believe
that all social movements have the right to debate tactics, we take
leadership from those engaged in their own struggle.

Within Vancouver, we will continue to actively work in solidarity with
others to oppose and expose all forms of political and diplomatic support
provided by the Canadian government to the State of Israel; continue to
fight the deportation of Palestinian refugees by the Canadian government
despite its direct complicity in the continued displacement of the
Palestinian people; and support local initiatives for a Boycott,
Divestment and Sanctions campaign in response to an appeal issued by over
170 grassroots organizations in Palestine calling for international